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Configuring Primary numbers // configuring message for call manager


I have two questions about configuring Cisco CallManager. The first question is about a primary. The primary have different numbers associated, and when i make a call from the CallManger outside of the primary, i would like that the call has a different number depending the extension of the ip phone, i.e, the ip phone with number 1000 would have associated 932345000 when it calls outside, and the 2000 would have associated the 932345001 for the outside calls. This isn't a DID, because there is no problem for configuring for mapping from outside to inside, the problem is for mapping from inside to outside .

Is it possible to configure it? And if it is possible how can i configure?

And the second question is about messages just as "At this moment the lines are busy, please continue waiting" when the operator doesn't answer the call. I want that the person that is caling hears this message, and when the operator finishes speaking, then the call goes to the operator.How can i configure that? Is it possible just with the software of Call Manager? Is this possible to do it with Auto Attendant? The version of Call Manager is 3.1(4a) and the primary is an E1.


Felipe Garcia.

New Member

Re: Configuring Primary numbers // configuring message for call

HI Felipe,

I will answer to you first quetion only because I don't relly undestand the other one. You can change the calling number when you make an outside call by setting an External Phone Number Mask in the line configiuration of a phone. Then if you have to allow the use of External Phone Number Mask in the route pattern and so on.

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Re: Configuring Primary numbers // configuring message for call

Hi Martin,

i will try to do it just like you say. My second question is about having a message when you call to an extension and it isn't busy but he doesn't answer the call. It's like a call center that when you call to them and there aren't free operators to answer the call you hear the message " please stay online until there is an operator free".

Thanks for your answer.

Felipe Garcia.


Re: Configuring Primary numbers // configuring message for call

I will answer the second one then...

No , it's impossible...Queueing calls is the ICD function , AA can't hold calls in the queue.

IP ICD documentation is here..


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