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Configuring Translation Pattern for offsite call

I need to create a translation pattern to call and offsite number for after hours call center and was unsure if a callhandler in unity is involved. I know how to create the translation pattern but was unsure why it activates right away sending the calls offsite and not until the business off hours begin?

Does the attendant control when this is turned on and off?

Do I create a callhandler to control this before I create the translation pattern and how?

Can the webattendant control this by turning on the call routing offsite to the call center and enabling it whenever we need to?



Re: Configuring Translation Pattern for offsite call


Mmm, dont understand very well the call flow, but when using Attendant Console (former Web Attendant) and the Hunt Group is configured for users (not using Directory numbers) force TCD to route the call only when they are online. When they go offline you can add as last member a CTI RP or a dummy phone (Always Call Forward All to VM) which will answer all that calls and Unity can handle the call, playing a greeting, forward it to a PSTN number, etc.


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Re: Configuring Translation Pattern for offsite call

First of all, the explanation of the call flow is not very clear. From what I could make out, you want to send calls, during off-hours, from unity to an external number.

All you have to do is, create a schedule in unity and assign it to the main call handler. In the main call handler's call transfer for off-hours, send the call to another call handler and then on that call handler's call transfer, send it to the external number.

Make sure that in the restriction table in Unity, you have permitted this number to be dialled. You will also have to make sure that there is a route pattern in Callmanager for this external number and the Calling search space on the Unity VM ports have access to the partition on that route pattern.

So, when someone will call, unity will check the schedule. During off-hours it will play the closed greeting and after the greeting it will send the call to the other call handler. In that call handler's call transfer, it will send the call to that external number. Unity will check the Restriction table and send the call to the Callmanager. Callmanager will check the route pattern and then send the call out.

Lemme know if you have any questions.

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