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Configuring VG248

I have 432 existing 7/24 analog lines on Cat6 blades. I need to move them to 9 vg248. Cisco doesnt have a bat tool. I want to minimize the downtime, so I dont want to do this by hand-one by one. any ideas on a faster method than by hand? thanks marc

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Re: Configuring VG248

I don't know of a good way. Here are the release notes for the lastest version of BAT and I don't see anything about the vg248 being supported with it. One thing is in callmanager 3.2 the vg248's are gateways like the 6624. Where in 3.1 they were individual vgc phones. I know this does not really help you do much. But wanted to just going ahead and show you the lastest version of BAT to let you know I don't think the vg248 is supported.

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Re: Configuring VG248

Dont worry, there is a way.

Your right BAT doesn't actually support the 248, but there is a work around, its not perfect but it will save you time.

In BAT create a template so that you can import VGC phones, add whatever details you require into the template.

Then create your BAT file to match the template, when you import the details using BAT make sure you check the "Create Dummy MAC Address" checkbox.

Now all the records will be imported and BAT which create dummy MAC addresses for each entry.

Next you need to go into each record and change the dummy MAC to the real MAC, to work out the real MAC, you strip the first two digits from the beginning of the actual MAC address of the VG248 and add the port number of the 248 that the phone is plugged into, for example: -

VG248 MAC Address (000653d6b219)

Extension 1234 on Port 1 of the 248 has a MAC address of: -


Extension 4321 on Port 19 of the 248 has a MAC address of: -


Now update the record, bring up the port on the 248 and it should register ok, I would only enable a port at a time on the 248 though as it can cause problems bringing them all up at one, as a rule you should only enable a 248 port if its going to be used, otherwise it will constantly try to register.

You've still got to go into each record, but at least you dont have to enter EVERY single detail numerous times.


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Re: Configuring VG248

Oh one last thing, once your imported all of the records, just do a search on "Device Name begins with 'BAT' " in the Device screen, that will bring up all of the records you've just imported with dummy MAC addresses, so you can start to change them.


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Re: Configuring VG248

gary: thanks for the tip. Cisco TAC told me to live with it and I knew there had to be a way. thanks for pointing us in the right direction and think we have been able to get the correct MAC address into the import. thanks marc

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