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confusion of terminology?

hi there, i have a question, as you may have guessed i'm a little new to this. here is my setup. cisco 2600 router, 2900 switch two 7960 ip phones. now i have read in many of ciscos papers that they refer to them as Cisco SIP IP Phones, now I know that there are phones that do SIP or SKINNY, does that mean taht there is documentatino for a Cisco SKinny IP Phone? also can you use SIP with ITS? i downloaded the files for ITS and the firmware it came with for the 7960 phone is P00303020209 and the articles telling me how to set the date time, etc, reference firmware of this format P0S3-04-4-00. is the first firmware skinny and the second sip? what happens if i put the P0S3-04-4-00 on the phone, will ITS not work? thanks for your response hopefully i'll learn more as i go along. :)

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Re: confusion of terminology?

By default Cisco 7960 IP Phones operate using Skinny. You can program a 7960 to operate in SIP mode, but you will need a SIP Proxy server to use the phone with. You can find more information on the Cisco SIP Proxy server here:

Instruction for converting a 7960 to SIP can be found here:

and here

Currently Cisco ITS does not support SIP, I would suspect that this may be a feature in the near future as Cisco has developed SRST for SIP.


Tim Medley, CWNA, CCDP, CCNP+Voice

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