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Connecting 7750 CCM with a VG200 Gateway

Has anyone had the need to build a similiar configuration. I removed the MRP modules from the 7750 and added two external VG200's. This was done to allow for caller id support using the FXO-M1 modules which are not supported in the 7750. Has anyone had any luck setting this up as either a H.323 or an MGCP gateway? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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Re: Connecting 7750 CCM with a VG200 Gateway

we were using 2 vg200s with FXO-M1 cards -- but with a mcs 7835 instead of a 7750. We're back to using regular FXO cards in our VG200s. Just to warn you, we had 2 problems:

1. callerid wasn't always reliable -- if you use H.323 it does work, but we had a lot of problems getting the info every time & we'd get occasional odd disconnects. Cisco eventually recommended turning off the caller-id enable command & it fixed the disconnects.. So the cards are on a shelf & when new IOS releases come out, I'll pull one out & run tests. When it all works reliably & with MGCP (it's not supported at all with MGCP yet), I'll put them back in production...

2. couldn't make any outgoing calls w/ the cards but could with regular fxo cards. Cisco's still looking at that problem. We've done a bit of testing & it APPEARS to be an issue between the FXO-M1 and our Centrex service from Verizon. So if you have plain vanilla POTS lines, you shouldn't hit that problem... At least I didn't when I took the VG200 home & got it to work just fine on regular POTS lines.

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Re: Connecting 7750 CCM with a VG200 Gateway


Did Cisco ever get back to you on this? I am having identical the identical problem regarding fxo dialout but with regular FXO ports (not M1) and verizon centrex lines.



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