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Connecting to CTI ports

Is it possible to connect to a CTI port from an IP phone without having to send RTP data? I am calling a CTI port from an extension but after it is accepted and answered, there is only a short time period before the cm time outs the call and disconnects it. I realise it is waiting for a RTP stream. Is there any way of creating a TALKING connection so I can put the call on hold from the CTI end?



Re: Connecting to CTI ports

Hmm.. I've had no trouble putting an incoming call on hold on my CTI ports.. it works even on routepoints.

It would be useful to look at how you register your CTI port and how you pick up the call.

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Re: Connecting to CTI ports

I am accepting the call on behalf of the CTI port than using the terminal connection to answer the call. I'll look into the registration but I read through this Cisco doc:

If the endpoint does not respond to the open receive channel request quickly enough, Cisco CallManager disconnects the call. Because JTAPI applications always supply an IP address when registering CiscoMediaTerminals, calls to application-controlled endpoints will not be disconnected for this reason. However, if Cisco CallManager cannot find a common payload type between the two endpoints involved in the call, Cisco CallManager disconnects the call.

Which lead me to beleive it was waiting for media.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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Re: Connecting to CTI ports


i'm having the same problem. when I answer the call from the cti port, the call drops.

I use the standard codec G711.

What do you think it is? a codec problem?

thank you!

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