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connecting to key system using station ports

I would like to integrate some IP phones into our exising key system using an IOS router and CCM Express but I have some questions about the router to key system interface. Many of the examples I see tend to be geared towards connecting to the key system using trunk-side E&M cards. What about if I need to connect to the station side of the key system? What interface would I use on the router? What interface do I need on the key system?



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Re: connecting to key system using station ports

FXO on the router, analog station ports on the KSU. Connecting to analog station ports on a PBX/KSU is the same as connecting to POTS lines from your telco. Some hybrid KSUs use digital signalling to the station set and/or provide power to the station set so you may want to plug in a cheap analog phone to make sure it works properly.

You will not have the option of DID with the FXO interfaces so you will need to configure connection PLAR on the voice ports to either IP Phone DNs or the DN of your CME AutoAttendant.

If your KSU can provide caller ID you will need the FXO-M1 WICs.

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Re: connecting to key system using station ports

Be cautios usign this scenario, there are contless examlples of disconnect supervisory problems. Make sure that you have the FXO prots configured for Loop Start or Ground Start depending on your PBX specs and make sure to test completely.

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