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Connecting two seperate Voip systems

We have two clients, who have VOIP systems installed. One has a 4224 the other a 7750. They are now able to connect and send data (10Mb) link, they want to connect both CCM locations. We have attemped to use the dial peers and we can use each gateway from both CCM systems. but when we make an call between the two systems we get an error mesages on the debug we cannot find in the documentstion

1w0d: ssaSetupPeer cid(1039), can't gateway with peer tag(20))

Am I correct in thinking we need to install a gatekeeper or does anyone have a suggestion.

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Re: Connecting two seperate Voip systems

A gatekeeper is not necessary to complete a call with the connection you describe. My guess, according to your error, is that your dial peer statements are incorrect, or faulty. If you'd like to post the end stations, and your dial peer configs, it may be more helpful in troubleshooting your problem.

Alternately, you may want to look into call manager intercluster trunks if you are trying to "network" call managers across a WAN to facilitate 4 digit dialing between ccm nodes.

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