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Continuity test on PGW 2200

We have a pgw2200 working on signalling mode and a AS5350 as media gateway, to connect to a SS7 ISUP PSTN. We have mute cics in one of two e1 of the 5350. The first E1 works well, but the second has mute calls.

I have tried a COT from the pgw and the result is "passed". I was wondering if that COT is reaching the PSTN or it only goes till the 5350.

when I place a call on one of the mute cics, I can hear loud and clear... my voice eco.

Any suggestions?



Re: Continuity test on PGW 2200

Cisco PGW 2200 in configured signaling mode. COT is an automated diagnostic procedure performed in the Signaling System 7 (SS7) Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) between switches to ensure that circuits are in service and not experiencing excessive signal loss. This validation is performed by sending tones across the bearer channel. It is performed on a sampling basis. For instance, on 10 percent of the calls (in the Cisco PGW 2200, the sampling rate is defined by CotPercentage).

This URL should help you:

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Re: Continuity test on PGW 2200


Thanks, perhaps my bad english could not put clear my question. I understand well what a COT is. But now that we have solved the problem of mute calls, let me explain what happened. We have mismatched the CICs, that is: we put one cic on a specific time solt and the telco put the same cic into another time slot.

However, when we place a COT, from the pgw: "tst-cot" on one of that mismatched CIC we get a "Passed" answer.

I mean, this is impossible!

Thank you again, and sorry for my bad english

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