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Controlling Outbound Caller ID

I have a situation with CM3.1(2c) where one department wants their DDI numbers given out in the outbound Caller ID, and another department want the CLI withheld.

If I configure the gateway Caller ID DN field with a fixed DN then this fixes it for all both departments.

What combination of gateway and IP Phone - External phone number masks can be configured to achieve the above scenario.

Thanks for any replies


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Re: Controlling Outbound Caller ID

I asked cisco how to "hide" DN from both internal and PSTN. It sounds the same as what you are trying to do. I found it complicated but it works. So here is cisco's response:

To achieve this we will have to setup a translational table and make

sure that the line which you are trying to hide *always* goes through this


Lets say you ahve 2 patterns

phones and xlate

2 CSS'es

phonesCSS and xlateCSS

Then create a translational pattern

the detsination being xxxx (or how many digits you have)

In the calling party transformations , enter the mask.

This translational pattern is in partition xlate and has a CSS of phones i.e


Now the phone line has a CSS of xlateCSS.

The flow would be,

the call comes into the call manager ..and there is a xlate pattern

associated with it.

It translates accordingly (the calling party number) and then uses its CSS

which is phone CCS

to make the call

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Re: Controlling Outbound Caller ID

If you just want to block the DID info on calls to the PSTN for select phones, use the external phone number mask in the phones DN properties. Make sure you set the route pattern to accept this as well.

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Re: Controlling Outbound Caller ID

Thanks very much,

Yes this worked, I simply hadn't ticked the translation mask tick box in the route pattern

Thanks again


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Re: Controlling Outbound Caller ID

First go into the RT Pat and check the Use Calling Party's External Phone Number Mask box then put a * in the Calling Party Transform Mask field and this will be global for leaving it blank. If you want it done per user keep the box checked in the RT Pat and remove the *. Then go each phone and put in the mask that you want.

I hope this helps.

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