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conversation bleed to other ip phones

Several users have noticed that one phone in particular can be heard faintly in other earpieces. The local side of an off-net call is heard on some other phones. It sounds like bleed over on an analog phone line. I haven't found anything discussing bleed from one IP phone to another.

My 2811 is connected to a cisco 2924 switch, which is uplinked to a Linksys 24x1000BT switch. The phones are connected to the Linksys.

I'm having an issue setting up inter-VLAN routing on the 2924, which may be related to this issue.

As a test, I will move the 2811 into the Linksys and bypass the 2924.

Any ideas are welcome.

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Re: conversation bleed to other ip phones

In my opinion this has to be in the pstn. What type of pstn connection do you have.

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Re: conversation bleed to other ip phones

I have (2) 4-port FXO cards in my router, each connected to an individual POTS line. I will have to monitor now to see if the crosstalk is noticeable when I'm on an off-net call and hear another IP phone that is also on an off-net call.

Does that help?

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