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convert analog DID trunk to a PRI?

Hi, I'm trying to figure out the least expensive way of converting an analog DID trunk coming from the phone company to a PRI that I can feed into our ISDN switch. I realize that the analog DID trunk only equates out to one B-channel + one D-channel for signaling but that is fine, the other 22 channels can go unused/unmapped. I'm not too familiar with Cisco gear but figured maybe two MC3810s back to back or a 2610 with the proper add-ons (VIC-2DID + ?). I also need to make sure that the dialed phone number is preserved within the signaling (DID->D-channel). Any low end hardware suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any info, Brian.


Re: convert analog DID trunk to a PRI?

When receiving an inbound call from a plain old telephone service (POTS) interface, the DID feature in dial peers enables the router/gateway to use the called number (DNIS) to directly match an outbound dial peer. When DID is configured on the inbound POTS dial peer, the called number is automatically used to match the destination pattern for the outbound call leg.

To configure a POTS dial peer for DID, enter the following Cisco IOS commands beginning in global configuration mode:

Router(config)#dial-peer voice number pots


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