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Convert HTML to Cisco XML

Hi all.

I've got a new challenge: display information of webpage on a Cisco IP Phone. So I need to convert plain HTML to a kind of plain (cisco xml) text and display it on the phones.

Does anyone knows how to do this?

Any help or sugestions are welcome!!

Thanks in advance

Community Member

Re: Convert HTML to Cisco XML

If the HTML is actually XHTML, then you can use an XSL stylesheet to convery XHTML (which is really XML) to XML (Cisco XML that phones understand).

If the web site provides an RSS feed, another option is to use a RSS reader to read RSS and convert it to Cisco XML.

Community Member

Re: Convert HTML to Cisco XML

1. Don't know for sure right now if the HTML is XHTML strict. Could you point me to a website/article about the XSL stylesheet?

2. The website doesn't provide an RSS feed.

Thanks sofar!

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