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Cool CME trick - Using a phone off-site over the Internet

While I was staying down in San Jose for the Operations Symposium this week, I was able to get an off-site phone working with CME over the Internet, giving me 4 digit and PSTN dialing from my home location. I took a 7905G with an H323 phone load and set the outside IP address of my home CME router as the H.323 Gateway on the phone. You can configure your extension and Caller ID name from the phone itself with the H323 phone load. No additional configuration to CME is necessary and your dial plan will function without any changes.

The H323 code can be sent to the phone via TFTP either from the router or a standalone PC.

The only requirements to do this are: public access to the Internet for your phone and remote CME router and the H323 phone load on CCO. Only caveats, users cannot dial you directly at your remote site unless you create a dial-peer with your IP address, or you configure an H323 gatekeeper.

The reason you can't do this with a skinny load, is it will not work off-net. It will register correctly but you will have no incoming or outgoing voice on the call.

I used this from the Hilton Towers in SJ and was able to quickly establish voice connectivity and make local phone calls with G.711 at around 64k and I got excellent voice quality over the net. (saved on steep hotel LD and I was too lazy to use a biz calling card) Thought this might be helpful for some.

NetMeeting also works via H323 to the CME router as well to use as a SoftPhone. Configuration is the same - just configure the CME router as your H323 gateway and use a headset or your laptop's built in microphone.

Another tip - if you do it from a hotel, call the hotel's net provider when you check in and they will generally assign you a public static address at no additional cost for your stay. All they need is your MAC for the phone. They do this commonly with Xboxes and PS2's.

Cheers. Let me know if anyone uses this and what your results are.


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Re: Cool CME trick - Using a phone off-site over the Internet

I thought I'd add that QoS does not apply over the Internet, so if you don't have a fast connection or there is a large amount of traffic - your call quality may vary.

I'd also like to try this with my laptop and a wireless card at Starbucks, using Internet Connection Sharing with Windows XP on the local ethernet port. You could then have a portable office while your on the road.


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