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Copying a Voice Mail Message.

I need to copy a voice message left on a subscribers inbox to a wav file or something similar. We used to have Unified Messaging and Upgraded to Voice mail only Unity 3.1.1. On the previous version the voice mail came in as an attachment file. Is there a way of getting this same file on the current version of Voice mail only Unity. I only want to do this occasionally when the voice mail is needed for some Legal reasons.

I have tried to foward this message to an Internet account user to see if it will be sent in a file attachment but had no luck.

Thanks for the help..

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Re: Copying a Voice Mail Message.

Voice mails are always emails with WAV attachments... however if you have VMO installed on the Outlook client you're using to view the message, it will show the custom form which instead gives you the media master control (the VCR looking thing) for playback and record control of the WAV file.

If you uninstall VMO from the client it'll show the attached WAV file... you can also just use the media master control itself to copy the file out to a WAV file on your hard drive if you wish - select the drop down arrow on the left and choose "paste to file" and the message will be copied out as a WAV file.

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