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Corporate Directory and Personal address book

Hi all,

My issue with the above directories is the order that the fields 'Last Name' and 'First Name' are shown.

On the Corporate Directory 'First name' is at the top and in personal address book the 'Last Name' is at the top and users get confused and I get a lot of complain about it.

Is there any way to change it (any one of them) so the search criteria will be shown the same on both???

Thank you, Avi.

New Member

Re: Corporate Directory and Personal address book

Sure, it's easy. You just need to edit the xmldirectoryinput.asp file in you ccmcip directory.

Of course, I recommend you create a seperate copy of the ccmcip directory for playing. You can point your Directory URL to that directory for testing. Or at least make a backup.

Look for this line:

<% = outputString( dictionary.lblFirstName, "dictionary.lblFirstName" )%>

Chnage the lblFirstName to lblLastName. That will change the prompt. Then on the next line:


Change the f to l. This tells the program that the first variable will be the last name.

Then just make the opposite changes about 6 lines below that. If you have problems, give us a hollar.

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