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Corporate Directory Delay

I have one site that when the users press the Directories button it takes 60 seconds before the corporate directory option shows up. During that 60 seconds the bottom of the screen says "redirecting". I'm running CM 3.1(3a).I have two remote sites setup exactly the same and only users at one of the two sites is reporting this issue. IP phones at the main site have no delay in the corporate directory displaying.

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Re: Corporate Directory Delay

TAC provided a known bug and workaround.

Here are the bug details:


Externally found moderate defect: Verified (V)

AVVID: XML services take 60 seconds to display after URL redirect

When the phone goes to requesting services page, if the delivery of the Redirecting page is not immediate, the phone will display 'Redirecting' for 60 seconds, then display the services page. This problem is happening intermitently, but seems to be related to a redirect of the services and the delivery of the page.

In the lab test, that this occurred, the phone requested /ccmuser/getservicesmenu.asp, 4 seconds later, the phone requested the redirecting page to /ccmcip/getservicesmenu.asp and the phone for the next 60 seconds displays 'Redirecting'. After ~60

seconds,the services display will appear on the phone.



When pressing the services button, the phone will display 'Redirecting' for ~60 seconds before displaying the services menu



The phone appears not to display the delivered page for 60 seconds.



Change the services URL to point to the URL that is being pointed to by the redirecting URL. This will skip the redirecting step.

Under Enterprise Parameters, the default directory for Directories is CCMUser. This page does a redirect to the CCMCIP page. Change the Directories reference to CCMIP and this will avoid the 60 second delay.



Re: Corporate Directory Delay


I have seen the same thing when we had some network problems . I would recommend to check if the routing to that site is without loops and stuff like that...

Hope this helps


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