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Corporate Directory Error

While trying to seach the corporate directory from a 7960, I get the following message:

An Error occurred and was logged. (undefined)

Seaches from the Admin web page work fine. All other services and functions of the phones seem normal. I can even seach my Personal Address Book entries without errors.

I preformed the DC directory cleanup procedure, but it did not help.

CM 3.2(2c)

7960G P003030204

Single CM

It should be noted that this is a demo server and the IP has been changed. I made the adjustments in the Enterprise Parameters and Sever config pages.

Cisco Employee

Re: Corporate Directory Error

is this DCdirectory or ADintegration? If DC, can you log into the DC directory administrator program? Iff AD, chack and make sure replication is working correctly.

Things to check:

in CCMAdmin, go

to enterprise parameters and make sure the directory URL is using the server's IP address and not

its name. Next, try stopping IIS Admin Service, then run the following script: c:\Program

Files\cisco\bin\xmltemp\installxml.vbs Finally, start IIS Admin Service and test the corporate

directory again.

Community Member

Re: Corporate Directory Error

No AD. I tried running insallxml.vbs and I get the following error:

Windows Script Host

Script : C:\Program Files\Cisco\Bin\Xmltemp\install.vbs

Line : 638

Char : 9

Error : [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server] Login failed for user 'sa'

Code : 80040E4D

Source : Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers

There is no improvent to the Corporate Directory

Community Member

Re: Corporate Directory Error

I have this problem. Did you get a fix for it?

Community Member

Re: Corporate Directory Error

A good troubleshooting technique is to access the Corporate Directory from a web browser. Copy the Directory URL from the CCMAdmin|Enterprise Parameters page and paste it into your browser of choice. Edit the "xmldirectory.asp" to "xmldirectorylist.asp" to run a blank search. Or if you want to run a specific search, the format would be "xmldirectorylist.asp?f=&l="

This won't fix the problem, but your browser will return more usefull information than the phone.


Re: Corporate Directory Error


Thanks for the tip on bringing up the Corporate Directory using your browser. Any idea on how to make it bring up all the users? When I used the browser it shows the first 32 users just like the phone. We have around 90 users. The strange thing here is that if I launch my IPBlue softphone and hit the directories button it automatically displays all users, not jsut the first 32.



Re: Corporate Directory Error

The phone software/hardware itself is limited to displaying 32 items in the XML format used for the Directory. The XML phone directory ASP thus limits its output to 32 entries with a More button.

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Re: Corporate Directory Error

I am experiencing the same problem have you found a resolution. I already attempted the installxml.vbs no such luck.

CM 3.2(2c)spH

7960s & 7940s

Single CM

Note: The problem surfaced after applying spH.

Community Member

Re: Corporate Directory Error

Problem Resolution - TAC was able to supply me with an engineering special (ciscocm.3-2-2-es49.1) which address multiple bugs including the corporate directory issue.

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