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Corporate Directory Error.

Call Manager 3.3(2)spB. When I try to search the corporate directory I get the following "An error occurred and was logged. (undefined)"

This issue has only started recently, and rebooting the call managers (then a few phones) didn't seem to solve it.

Anybody have any suggestions?

New Member

Re: Corporate Directory Error.

Dug a little deeper on this issue, and I've found what might the problem.

If I open CCMAdmin and go to 'Users' I get a page cannot be displayed type error page in the frame where I should be seeing the users. When I open DC Directory, I see a directory in the right hand window called, but when I try to bring up its properties, I get message that tells me the properties are not available because the entry no longer exists, then it disapears off of the screen. If I close DC Directory and reopen it, the directory is again listed, but I get the same error when I try to touch it.

Anybody have a clue what could have caused this?

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Re: Corporate Directory Error.

I had an issue similar to this, and found out that my DC directory was corrupted. I had some success pointing the corporate directory to my publisher, and subsequently copied the directory structure where the DC directory was contained from the publisher to the subscriber.

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Re: Corporate Directory Error.

My DC Directory Manager issue that I talked about above was because I was using the wrong password, so that is non-issue at this point, when I use the correct password, it looks as though my directory is populated and happy.

So let me take a step back and re-state my issue and its symptoms.

The corporate directory search feature on the phones returns an error. The same search from a PC also returns an error. If I open ccmAdmin, and try to view the global users list, I get a Page could not be found error page with a 500--Internal server error designation.

While this issue has been going on, I have been able to create new phones, and make chages to phones, so it would seem logical that my DC Directory is functioning at some level.

What would be the best way to attack this issue?

New Member

Re: Corporate Directory Error.

Check the LMHost file. Make sure your CCMs are defined.

New Member

Re: Corporate Directory Error.


Does your Call Manager name contain an underscore?

New Member

Re: Corporate Directory Error.

Nope, but I did find and fix the error (with the help of the fine folks at Cisco TAC)

In this registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cisco Systems, Inc.\Directory Configuration

there were two entries set as follows:


MGRDN REG_SZ cn=Directory Manager, o=

we changed them to this:


MGRDN REG_SZ cn=Directory Manager,

did a restart on the IIS Admin service and everything was working properly

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