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Corporate Directory in CCM 5


I would like to modify the link of the "Corporate Directory" in CCM5. In CCM4, it can be done by editing the "xmldirectory.asp". Can anyone give me hints to achieve the same things in CCM5?


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Re: Corporate Directory in CCM 5

You don't have OS access in CCM so I don't know of any way to do this.

Re: Corporate Directory in CCM 5

You can simply link to another file entirely.. the link to the directory application is still in the enterprise parameters.

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Re: Corporate Directory in CCM 5

Hi Stephan,

Thanks for your suggestion. But then does it means that I need to have another application container (say another Tomcat) in another machine to host the file?

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Re: Corporate Directory in CCM 5

You will need to have some sort of Web Server to serve the file to the client phones.

Re: Corporate Directory in CCM 5

You should never run any third party apps on a call manager, regardless of whether you can or not. Perhaps you've had to fix a cisco server before when a client thought "hey I know windows, so let's reconfigure a bunch of stuff".. while that can work, you really should adopt a hands off attitude towards those servers. While I don't quite understand how software can be written that doesn't run on a regular system (and it does after all.. I have ccm, crs and cuc running on standard servers and it works fine and no amount of patching ever introduced a problem), I'd just stick to reminding Cisco every now and then that it's not hard to write a normal app but leave your call manager alone.

If you read the developer documentation, it clearly states you shouldn't install any phone apps on the call manager. The appliance model just enforces the hands-off policy.

Keep in mind that phone apps generally don't use a lot of resources, so if you have another regular server, you can just install your apps there... I usually have my application webserver co-located on another already existing box.. if you're a Windows show, you'll probably have a few machines with a running IIS anyway.

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Re: Corporate Directory in CCM 5

I have a sudden need for something similar.

I need the Corporate Directory to look for the telephone number in a different field in LDAP.

Our executived have decided that their Blackberry is more important that every users IP phone directory

and our internal numbers in the directory need to be replaced with external direct dialable numbers.

Now since I know it will take 3.2 pico seconds before I get complaints about the Corporate Directory not

returning the internal number, I need to

edit or replace it.

With CCM 4.X, not a problem, with CCM 5.X I cannot even copy the Directory app to another server to edit it and run it there....

Re: Corporate Directory in CCM 5

I guess you're in need for a lookup app then. Now it depends what kind of data source you're trying to access. If it's ldap, just take the ccm4 directory, put it on an external server, and make the required changes to reflect your ldap data source. But even if it's not ldap, you could take the directory from ccm 4.x as a starting point and just swap out the lookup for some sql routines (or calls to a webservice, or whatnot).

Or, you could take the ldap routines in the SDK and the jsp photodirectory as a basis for your own jsp app.

Or, you could try and open a case and get temporary root access to your ccm 5.x, then copy the files and if you're lucky and it's all done in JSP and / or done in a way that allows you to still use their lookup routines, you could take this as a starting point.

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