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New Member

Corporate Directory issue: delayed access and "Redirecting.." message

This is very odd..

We have a centralized CCM 3.12 cluster with serveral remote sites.

If someone pushes the "Directories" button on a 7940/60 phone, you can see ths standard Missed Calls/Recieved Calls/Placed Calls lists, but Corporate Directory doesn't show up...sometimes. When it doesn't show up, I get a message on the bottom of the screen that says "Redirecting...". If you leave it there, after between 1-5 minutes, the Corporate directory button shows up and works. But then if you close out, and hit the Directory button again, the whole process starts again.

This primarily happens at our remote sites, though sometimes at the HQ.

It also doesn't happen all of the time.

The info button works fine, so I have no idea what's going on here. I have the xml entries pointing to the ip address of the publisher call manager.

Any ideas?

Cisco Employee

Re: Corporate Directory issue: delayed access and "Redirecting..

Dustin, this sounds to me like you are running into CSCdv17901. This issue is fixed in the 7960/7940 load file P00303010400 and later. You can either upgrade to CallManager 3.1(3a) and apply support patch D, which includes that load file, or you can download the file cmterm-7940-7960.P003-3-1-4.exe from the URL:

And make sure to follow the directions in the readme file.

New Member

Re: Corporate Directory issue: delayed access and "Redirecting..

I am unable to find that file with the attached link. Is there anyway you could email it to me?

New Member

Re: Corporate Directory issue: delayed access and "Redirecting..

No ideas, but we have the same problem :-((.



Re: Corporate Directory issue: delayed access and "Redirecting..


I have seen the same problem on a network with routing loops.

Do you have the same problem with "services" button?


New Member

Re: Corporate Directory issue: delayed access and "Redirecting..

I've had experience with this issue, and received a fix from TAC yesterday for it that has worked very well.

Try changing your directory URL in CallManager to the following convention (System -> Enterprise Parameters):


The only change is from 'CCMUser' to 'CCMCIP'. You will then need to cycle your TFTP Services on all your CallManagers, and then restart all of your phones so that they will repopulate with the new directory url.

Good luck!

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