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Corporate Directory on IP Phone

Hi all,

Question here:

Everyone know we can click "directories" button on IP Phone (7960 or 7940), then we serach people's phone number at option 4.

Is there anyway to limit some phones(IP 7960, and IP 7940, because they have to use extension mobility for some reasons) that I dont want user to look at Corporate Directory??

Thanks in advance!!!


New Member

Re: Corporate Directory on IP Phone

Sure. Each phone has a Directory URL setting. Normally this is blank and the phone uses the Enterprise Parameter to find the Corporate Directory. But if that field is filled, even filled with an invalid URL, the real corporate directory will not be available. Better yet, you can create a static directory of public numbers you would like those phone to have. If you like to know how to do that, just let us know.


Re: Corporate Directory on IP Phone

Sure I want to know so bad, guys.

Can you email me or you can leave message here if the step is not long??

Thanks a lot and I am really really appreciated it.


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Re: Corporate Directory on IP Phone

Sure. Here you go.

1) Open up the web directory. This will by default be c:\Ciscowebs\IPPhoneServices\CCMCIP on the publisher (the same files are on the subscriber,if you'd rather). You should see a file called xmldirectory.asp in this folder. This is the "real" directory, or at least the menu pointing to it.

2) Create a copy of the xmldirectory.asp file. Rename the copy to something appropriate, like genericdir.asp. Then edit that file and look for the following line:

<% = getBaseURL() %>xmldirectoryinput.asp

Delete "xmldirectoryinput.asp". In it's place put in a new file name, something like genericdirlist.xml. Note the extension. You don't want to give this file a .asp extension.

The reason for this is that asp file are dynamically create when the phone requests them. The real xmldirectoryinput.asp file requests input to perform the search. While it's very possible to create a searchable list of static entries, that is beyond the scope of this post. What this will do is create a static list of up to 32 enties.

3) Save and close that file. Next create a text file with the name that you specified above. Edit that file and paste in the following:

Static Directory

Select Entry and Press Dial







Person 1


Person 2


Person 3


Of course, edit the title and entry info to fit your purposes. You can add upto a total of 32 entries.

4) In the CCM admin page, go to the configuration for the phone you want to access this directory. In the Directory Field, under Exertnal Data Locations, enter the following:


Restart the phone and you should be in business.

Good luck.

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