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Corrupted Routing Rules/High Call Traffic = Opening Greeting

Unity 3.1.5/Exchange 2000 off-box, dual integration with SMDI and CCM 3.3(3)sp3.

Have a strange problem: A few months ago our Unity box got hacked. It didn't seem like much damage at first, but ever since then, during the times of the day when we have very heavy inbound and outbound call traffic, outside callers direct-dialing a subscriber's extension will hear the default opening greeting instead of the subscriber's greeting. This only happens during the high call volume periods; it is non-existent on the weekends and evenings when we get very little traffic.

I opened a TAC case awhile back when the box got hacked (the Unity service wouldn't start), and that's when the tech told me that we our routing table might have gone corrupt. But if so, why only during periods of high call traffic?

I've turned on the Arbiter/Ruler traces in the Unity Diagnostic tool, and we'll see what happens come Monday morning.

We are going to wipe the box clean and start over with a fresh install of 4.0(3), but that's not for another two months (long story). I've checked the Rule table in SQL, and everything is looking as it there anything else I can possibly do to fix this in the interim? Maybe running the default rules script?

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Cisco Employee

Re: Corrupted Routing Rules/High Call Traffic = Opening Greeting

doesn't sound like a routing rules issue to me - you're right, if there was a problem there you'd expect it to happen regardless of load. Sounds more like a timing issue that crops up under load (i.e. we don't get information about where the call is forwarding from quickly enough or the like) - although with CM that'd be pretty weird, you see things like that with serial/analog integrations more typically.

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Re: Corrupted Routing Rules/High Call Traffic = Opening Greeting

A timing issue...that's interesting - we've had a lot of things happen with Unity over the past few weeks due to the Nachi virus affecting the 2600 router at one of our buildings.

Here's the scenario:

Got a call a few weeks ago, users stated that voicemail was not picking up when they pressed the "Messages" button on their phone, that outside callers would call a subscriber's DID and it would just ring endlessly. Odd, because we've had the CCM's in place for over two years, and no CFA or CFB settings had changed - same pilot number, everything. Before this, I had noticed that the phones had started to do what I call "ping-pong registration," meaning that every couple of hours they would register with their primary CCM, then failback to their secondary, then go back to their primary, etc. I did mention this to the network guys.

The fix to the voicemail issue? I had to go in to each and every phone, change one random setting, didn't matter which one, and press "Update." A reset of each phone would not work.

It wasn't until a week or so later that the network guys discovered that the 2600 router at one of our locations - the one Unity is located at - had the Nachi virus and cleaned it. We haven't had that problem since, but I know they made some access list changes (I think) to the 2600 router to block certain traffic.

At this point, I'm doing a lot of guessing, but the fact that you mentioned timing has me intrigued. I'll keep an eye on the call logs and see what information is passed.

Thanks for your response -


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