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Could domain name change after Unity migration?

Hello everyone,

I will upgrade Unity3.1(6) to Unity 4.0(5) (Voice Mail only).Here is the main steps:

1. backup current Unity data

2. install Windows2K server w/Exchange 2000,Unity3.1(6) from scratch.(not replacing server hardware,

Windows2k server and Exchange 2000 server are located in the same server)

3. recover Unity data on new installed windows2000 w/Exchange 2000 server

4. Upgrading Unity3.1(6) to Unity 4.0(5)

I got a few questions here.

1. Should Domain name keep the same? ( If I need to change Domain name, is it applicable?)

2. Should I run Active Directory connetcor for recovering Exchange5.5 data?

Hope to share experience with you. Thanks for your reply.


Unity 3.1(6), Exchange5.5 installed on Windows2000 server A,

Users in WindowsNT 4.0 PDC server B,

After migrating:

Remove WindowsNT 4.0 PDC server B,

windows server A will be Domain Controller w/Exchange2000, Unity 4.0(5)



Re: Could domain name change after Unity migration?


I don't understand why you are going to rebuild the server, if you just want to upgrade to Unity 4.0 (I am assuming that you currently have W2K); you just need to:

- Do a Dirt backup

- Upgrade to Exchange 2K

- Do a Dirt backup

- Install the CUSPA and CUICA

Just follow the instructions on this link:


Re: Could domain name change after Unity migration?

Now I see, you must restore the Dirt Backup on the same Unity version so you will need to:

make a backup

install 2K

install AD and make this server a DC

install Ex2K

install unity 3.X

restore the AD users

restore the Dirt backup

Upgrade to 4.X

By the way, the domain name and the hostname can be changed but this procedure requires a rebuilt, I think that the way that I have described is the best way to proceed.

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