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Could i set speed dials from the phone set?

i have a Callmanager 6.

My question is: is there any way to set the speed dials on the phone from the phone set itself not from CM administration page or from user web page(ccmuser page)? this is to minimize overhead on the administrator and helps users who have no web access.

please advice.


Re: Could i set speed dials from the phone set?

Yes there is.. you write your own application using AXL ;)

I've done so for a client who didn't wish to give users access to the ccmuser pages. You just have to be careful to differentiate between speeddials and blf buttons.. the user might consider them to be basically the same, but they are not at all the same.

And to answer the question that most likely will come, no I cannot share the application.

There's a free app for speeddials for ccm 4 available here:

(a bit complex to set up though if you ask me.. and hard to trace down problems if they occur)

Re: Could i set speed dials from the phone set?

I am trying this app for a client, but it cannot deal with Extension Mobility profiles... :-(

I think I will build my own

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