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CP7931 IP Phone

Is this phone currently only able to work with CME 4.1, and CCM 6? I find it hard to beleive Cisco or anyone for that matter would produce a new product that will not be backward capatable with Call Manager 4.1, 4.2 5.0.

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Re: CP7931 IP Phone

Hi Phillip,

It is quite odd isn't it. You are correct though that the only 2 versions that currently support the 7931 are CCM 6.0 and CME (4.0.3 and higher).

My understanding of the 7931 IP phone is that it is actually a re-branded (Lynksys or Polycom I can't remember now) so it wasn't really a Cisco design. Maybe that plays some part in the compatability issue.

Hope this helps!


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Re: CP7931 IP Phone

Thanks Rob for chiming in. I just think Cisco needs to address this issue fast or this phone will be dead in the market place. They are shipping this item already and I am certain some engineers are placing these in systems where it will not work. I am sending an alert message to our engineers to use extreme caution when it come to this device. it's only saving grace is if it can use SIP as a protocol.

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Re: CP7931 IP Phone

The 7931G is an great phone for CME 4.0.3 and 4.1. Finally enough keys to work and readable display.

I have one installed without issue (ok, localization is not complete on the softkey labels).

This phone doesn't support SIP for now. The Linksys Business One is the co-developed SIP phone.

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Re: CP7931 IP Phone

I've installed one as well. You are right it is a good device with real potenial, but why release a phone that will not work with all your legacy systems.

I just don't get that. They should make a patch REAL soon.

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Re: CP7931 IP Phone


Can you post your config, I have to install 200 of this phones next week



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