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CPU utilization when using cRTP

For VoIP over slow WAN links (<=T1), one can configure compressed RTP (cRTP) to reduce bandwidth usage. However, this will cause extra cpu load. I searched CCO all over, every relevant page says that the number of simultaneous calls a router can support will decrease due to cRTP processing, but it does not give any numbers.

Does anyone know how to estimate the impact of cRTP on cpu utilization? Specifically I'm looking at Cisco 7500 series routers and want to know how many T1 lines the router can support if I turn on the cRTP feature.


Walter Chen

Community Member

Re: CPU utilization when using cRTP

I was able to find some numbers on the 7200 which should be pretty close:

I suggest contacting your field sales team for specifics in your environment. I’m sure you’ll want to offload other features on the router when you enable cRTP.

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Re: CPU utilization when using cRTP

Thanks for the tips. For 7200 with NPE-300 its cpu could not handle more than 117 avtive calls when cRTP turned on. If each call on average carries 12 kbps traffic, this means the device could only deliver 1.4 mbps voice traffic, a pretty bad number. So I guess when you have enough bandwidth, you should never turn on cRTP! Use this feature only on slow links.

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