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Create General Delivery mailbox for main number

After rebuilding my Unity Server (with the help of two great Cisco engineers) I find myself missing my General Delivery mailbox. I have a main number 501-676-5555 that all incoming calls are routed to. It is a hunt group number and the first extension in the group is 5556. So any calls will initially ring that number. I had a subscriber, call handler or some other object configured in Unity to take any calls on 5556 and route them to a Exchange mailbox based upon the weekly schedule. That way the customer is only sent to the voicemail if there are no web attendants logged in or if it is after hours. Any help with recreating this in my Unity will be deeply appreciated.

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Re: Create General Delivery mailbox for main number

I would assume that if it was a hunt group and could ring any of a number of extensions (5556, 5557, etc) that you would need to have alternate extensions configured for the subscriber. The Ring No Answer on the phones should be set to go to unity.

Is this what you are looking for, do you need more details, or am I missing something?

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Re: Create General Delivery mailbox for main number

Partially. Thanks for the reply. The main number is 5555. When the webattendants are either all offline or all their lines are engaged in calls (during business hours) the system is supposed to roll to extension 6074. It is a first available not a round robin. So, if 5556 is not engaged it will always be the first to ring. When we close at 5pm we have a satellite office (ext. 6074) that is open for another half hour. With all webattendants logged off then the first call (and only the first call) should roll to 6074. After 5pm the schedule on Unity tells it to go to voicemail. At close of business Fridays the guy at 6074 forwards his line to 3005 (another office that is open 9-12 on Saturdays) So, the Unity schedule says 3107 is open from 9-12 on Saturday - tries to ring 6074 and is forwarded to 3005. Does that make any sense? If someone calls after hours and is leaving a vm and another customer calls then they will just get a busy signal (that is one of the limitations we live with) The system is set up that way because we have some customers who call the bank on the weekend and want to leave a important message about their bank accounts. Go figure. They can't take the hint to call back during business hours. Thanks for your help.

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