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Creating Custom Call Handler

Here is a interesting one. I want to create a custom call handler, that when a person calls this handler, they can dial an extenstion, and unity will transfer the call to that persons voicemail. I can do it via the directly handler, but I they have to type in the "Name" of the mailbox. I want them to be able to just type in the mailbox number. <br><br>Idea's?<br>Spencer<br><br>


Re: Creating Custom Call Handler

You should be able to dial any call handler or subscriber's extension from any greeting (i.e. the opening greeting for instance) provided you have it configured to do so. By default this is allowed, you'd have to lock keys down if you didn't want user's dialing extensions directly.

during the opening greeting you should be able to punch in anyone's extension number and be sent to their mailbox (after first ringing their phone is their mailbox is setup for that). If you're dialing an extension and it's not going somewhere, you may have a key 'locked' to take action on a user input option right away instead of having Unity wait a second to see if the user is going to dial more digits or not. Check the opening greeting call handler's "user input" page in the SA to see if any or all keys are "locked" to an action (they shouldn't be by default).

If that's not the case, describe what's happening over the phone a little and maybe we can figure out what's going on.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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