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creating subscribers from existing exchange users

We have an installation of Unity 3.02 unified messaging into a Exchange 2000 cluster. <br><br>When we try to create new Unity subscribers from existing exchange users when you do a search on * for Alias, 1st name or 2nd name only about 15 entries are returned out of some 70 exchange users. <br><br>The active directory accounts are split into departments, but the names returned by Unity don't relate to only one department they are spread across all departments and there doesn't seem to be a pattern.<br><br>Note that this is a reinstall. Unity was installed before but 1st time exchange wasn't installed on the Unity server. The system became unstable so I wiped the server and did a complete re-install, this time putting exchange on the Unity server too as per the install guide. Don't know if this is something to do with it.<br><br>Help anyone?<br><br>Stuart<br><br><br>


Re: creating subscribers from existing exchange users

Most likely the folks you are failing to see are "tagged" as Unity subscribers still and need to be cleaned. For Ex2K/AD you can use BunnyKiller off to do this easily (yes, I am working on a kinder, gentler version of this tool that's named something nicer...). This will clean them of subscriber properties and the Unity server will be able to see them.

Try this for one of the users you can't see in the SA import and see if that's the case. If not, try using the Import utility in the Unity program group to see if it has the same issue. If so, there's something deeper going on under the covers and we'll have to take a look.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Technical Lead/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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