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creating user defined options while recieving messages

I am sure this is a super easy question but today I am having a brain freeze and can't seem to figure it out. in unity 3.0(2) how do i set up options such as Fast Forward for our voicemail user so while listening to their messages they could hit say 9 and have that fast forward to the end of the message.

sorry for the easy question I am just stumped today

Cisco Employee

Re: creating user defined options while recieving messages

You can't customize which keys mean fast forward, back up, skip etc... in the subscriber message playback conversation if that's what you're asking. Those keys are set by the conversation you're using (either the standard Unity conversation or the Optional conversation which sounds a bit more like what Octel users may be used to). In the standard conversation, for instance, you use the 7 and 9 keys to go backwards and forwards (respectively) in the message.

Here's a link to the user guides that cover both the standard and optional conversation key mappings that may be of use to you:

New Member

Re: creating user defined options while recieving messages

thanks for the help, I guess my problem is really that while I am listening to a message I cannot hit 9 and have it fast forward, whatever number I hit it would do anything except 3 for delete.

any suggestions?

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