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CRS 3.0(3a) scripting a menu structure

I have been presented with the task of implementing a menu structure in the existing icd.aef script.

Any ideas how to do that?

How do you change the feature that logs agents out when calls are not answered on the agent sets.


Re: CRS 3.0(3a) scripting a menu structure

Can you provide more information on the menu structure you are talking about?

As far are the automatically logged out problem, see below (excerpt from a TAC Case):

To explain your question check this link out: <>

It basically says as follows -- Cisco CRA allows you to change a default setting that puts an ICD agent in the Unavailable state when the agent does not answer a call. The agent must click the Available button to become available again. This changes the setting for all agents; you cannot configure it differently for different agents. To change this setting:

Step 1 On the Cisco CRA Server, open the file (the default directory path is C:\Program Files\wfavvid)

Step 2 Change the setting to: false-if you want ICD agents who do not answer a call to return to the Available state. true-if you want ICD agents who do not answer calls to go Unavailable. This is the default state. Note*** If you change this setting to false, and an agent is away from his desk, calls could continue getting routed to an agent who actually is unavailable.

Step 3 Restart the CRA Engine.


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Re: CRS 3.0(3a) scripting a menu structure


Thanks for your input Rick. I seem to have solved the problems. I did change the agentUnavailableRNA value to false and my customer was pleased. :-)

As far as the menu thing is concerned, i came across the Menu step and that did the trick... ;-)


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