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CRS 3.03: DesktopAgent e ICD problem.

I'm working with CRS 3.03 and I have 2 problems: one with Cisco Desktop Agent and one with ICD.

1. PROBLEM WITH Cisco Desktop Agent

When a call-center operator that uses Cisco Desktop Agent doesn’t answer a call and his phone rings with no answer, the call is transfered to another operator but the operator’s desktop agent status becomes "NOT READY".

I want the call transfered but I’d like to have the desktop agent status “READY".

Is this possible?


When a call-center operator receives a call on ICD line, before aswering he sees on ip phone desktop the ICD number and not the original caller number. The original caller number only appears after that the operator answers.

How Can I show the original caller number while the phone rings?

My CRS version is standard.

My CCM versioni is 3.3.2



Re: CRS 3.03: DesktopAgent e ICD problem.

I guess the answer for the second question is in your question.

You can see the number only if you answer the phone. I guess.



Re: CRS 3.03: DesktopAgent e ICD problem.

I think you might need to check in the resources and make it automatic work always ready.

Let me know how it goes.



Re: CRS 3.03: DesktopAgent e ICD problem.

As for your first question there isn't a setting in CRS that will take care of your problem. Maybe someone from Cisco can point you to a registry key or something but that is how it works. As for an answer to your second question, you can see the ANI in the enterprise data window before a call is answered.

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Re: CRS 3.03: DesktopAgent e ICD problem.

Here is some answer about the Desktop Agent isue earlier in the forum.

I have tested and it works.

Do not thinks it is supported by Cisco!

You have to restart the server or the ICD services after the changes.


Step 1 On the Cisco CRA Server, open the file (the default directory path is C:\Program Files\wfavvid.)

Step 2 Change the setting to:

false—if you want ICD agents who do not answer a call to return to the Available state.

true—if you want ICD agents who do not answer calls to go Unavailable. This is the default state.


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