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CRS 3.1 with active directory

I am running CallManager 3.3(3), Unity 4.0, CRS 3.1, personal Assistant, and a few other applications, all to be integrated with Active Directory. I am having a difficult time getting CRS (IPCC) to integrate properly with AD. My CCN ou is under the Cisco ou, but the CCN Apps ou is under another ou (lets call it Test)

This Test ou is where I specified the User context, and the Base context to be placed. Is there any reason why this would happen? Do I have to use the Cisco ou or should I be able to specify whichever container I want it to got to.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



Re: CRS 3.1 with active directory

This document should answer your questions

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Re: CRS 3.1 with active directory

Without knowing what the exact problem you are having is...I will give you the only AD integration issue I had.

When a new user was added to the domain that would need to also be a ICD/CRS agent we would have to perform the following dance. (I am running almost identical save I have not upgraded to Unity 4.x yet and I have CRS3.0(2) not 3.1)

My "working paths" are as follows.

User Base: cn=Users, dc=domainname, dc=com

Base Context: cn=Cisco, dc=domainname, dc=com

This is the required path as per TAC due to some code that looks there. This kind of stinks because is you want a user to be able to log in to CRS they must live in the User ou to be authenticated in the Cisco Agent Desktop. (CAD)

*Before doing this you should have already associated any related devices to the RM user.

When you have an new user you must:

1)Stop the CRS engine.

2)Change the User Base to cn=Cisco, dc=domainname, dc=com

3)Start CRS engine

4)Make a change to the desired user(s) (forces AD to replicate the user) or replicate your AD. I am a single site with no WAN replication so this works quickly.

5)Stop CRS engine.

6)Change User Base back to cn=Users, dc=domainname, dc=com

7)Start CRS engine.

New CAD Agent should now show under Resources in the Subsystems-->ICD-->Resources and be able to log in.

My configuration is slightly different but I did not see this "feature fixed in CRS 3.1x and have not upgraded but, maybe this will help.




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