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New Member

CRS 4 Realtime Snapshot Data Writing problem - urgent!


I have been having a strange problem recently. I have been trying to get the real time CSQ data to be written to the db_cra database (RtCSQsSummary table). So, I did as described in the documentation - enabled Data Writing, IPCC Express CSQs Summary and IPCC Express System Summary in the Real Time Snapshot Configuration in CRA Administration. However, no data appears in either RtCSQsSummary or RtICDStatistics - those tables are empty. However, ContactServiceQueue table does contain the list of the CSQs.

I tried restarting the CRS Engine in the Control Center, however that didn't affect the tables - they are still empty.

Am I missing something here?

This is pretty urgent, so I would be grateful for any replies.

And yes, I will rate all the replies.

Thank you.

New Member

Re: CRS 4 Realtime Snapshot Data Writing problem - urgent!

Could it be the bug CSCsc09160?

Here's the URL with the details, of it:

For some reason I can't access it. If you can, could you please copy the details of the bug here and, if mentioned, possible fixes/workarounds?

Thank you.


Re: CRS 4 Realtime Snapshot Data Writing problem - urgent!

Did you ever figure out what the resolution was. I have two IPCC Express Servers, One is Failover. All I could do to try is stop the CRS Engine on the Primary but the fields still are not populating in the RtCSQsSummary.

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