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CRS Question: How do I get the System Prompts in Spanish work?

I need to have the Spanish system prompts like "You have made an invalid choice" to work for our IVR. We have all the proper Nuance licensing and Nuance servers installed/configured correctly. Our TTS and ASR in Spanish works fine. Here's an example of what I'm asking.

Variable Name = p_InvalidChoice

Variable Value = SP[AA\AAInvalidChoice]

This corresponds to the default directory for the English system prompts. I see all the Spanish system prompts sitting in their own directory C:\Program Files\wfavvid\Prompts\system\es_US\AA just like the English prompts have their own directory. What do I change the Variable Value to in order for it to play the Spanish System prompt? I've tried using the value SP[es_US\AA\AAInvalidChoice] but this didn't work either.


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Re: CRS Question: How do I get the System Prompts in Spanish wor

Nevermind. I got it to work. I had to add "Set Contact Info" to the script and configure the properties. I had the Language variable's value set to es_US...I just had no place to put it unit I added Set Contact Info. In addition, I had to clear the language variable in "Get Contact Info" for this to work.

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