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CRS script and getting callerID

So I have a script that I've written which works well. I now want to get the callerID and pass this info to a file which I am outputing. I know this is possible, but I think that my problem is the version of CRS that we are running or my licensing somehow.

Does anyone know what versions do which so I know whether or not this is possible? I'm running CCM 4.1 and CRS 3.2. We have 10 IVR licenses, but that's about all I know at the moment.

I guess more importantly is: regardless of our license, is there a way to get the callerID for my script? I don't see anything with "ANI" and nothing about callerID in my "Get contact info" or "Get session info" options.


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Re: CRS script and getting callerID

Woops. I've been looking for an entire day and I missed the obvious: "Get Call Contact Info" had what I wanted. All is working now.

There are still a lot of features that the documentation mentions that I do not see in my CRS editor, but I assume that has to do with my license.

Re: CRS script and getting callerID

What kind of license do you have?

Many features do indeed take a premium license.. e.g. running custom java code or accessing a database or anything to do with web triggers.

It is not so well documented but the product comparison page (don't have a link ready I'm afraid) gives you an idea which edition can do what.

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