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CSS on fxs blade

Why is it when you have example.

route patterns 0.{8-9] XXXXXXX partition local calls CSS=restriction1localonly

0.0011! partition International calls CSS =all calls ie:contains all partitions

You can assign CSS allcalls under device config for a phone, the phone can then call anywhere. Then you can be more granular and overide it by assigning the line CSS restriction1localonly vise versa per line basis

Though with the fxs blade you assign fxs blade the most restrictive CSS and then assign the ports 1-24 the access you desire.If you assign the The fxs gateway CSS allcalls then no matter what CSS you apply to the lines it doesnt have any effect the port can call anywhere. Is this done for any reason ?


Re: CSS on fxs blade

It sounds like the way the fxs blade is working is correct and the way the phones are working is not.

If you have the search spaces all, few, none, then the following is true according to the CCM admin guide.

The phone calling search space and the line search space are supposed to be joined to give the combined search space for the line, so if you allow the phone to dial all and the line none then on the basis of the phone search space they can dial all. However if you assign the phone none and the line few, then the line can call few as joining none and few gives few.

so the operation of the fxs blade in your example is correct, the example of the phone is not (according to the admin guide).


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