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CSS's and bypassing devices in no partition


Does anyone know if theres a way for a CSS to bypass searching devices in no partition, or if such a feature is planned? Just curious.


Re: CSS's and bypassing devices in no partition

No, the none partition is added to the end of all CSS's. There are no plans to change this.

You could add a blank translation pattern to a new partition, and make that partition the last partition to be searched. You could then send the call to a bogus number so the caller hears reorder, or send it to a real number.

I think this will work, but I havent tried it yet.

Re: CSS's and bypassing devices in no partition

I haven't tried that yet either. Wouldn't a match on a DN in no partition be a better match than a null TP? I would think so.

What you could do (not pretty) is create a partition with duplicate DNs as those in no partition and do fwd all, etc to a CSS with the TP and put this as the last partition in CSS's.

Just was curious... I do break/fix/post-install support work so have ran into situations where something like this would come in handy, instead of re-doing alot of stuff or some workaround like above.

My thinking is, if a partition is created then everything goes into a partition. This way there isn't an issue with devices in no partition being automatically looked at. I think this is cisco recommendation as well.

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