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CTI route point DNs

Hi there.

Currently I have to manually ttansfer the information from a CCM 3.3(5) into a CCM 4.1.(3). There is one CTI route point configured on 3.3(5) with 6 Lines. When I try to create the same CTI route point on CCM 4.1(3), when I try to create the third line a messages says that the maximum number of lines has been reached.

Any ideas about how to config this on CCM 4.1(3)

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Re: CTI route point DNs

A lot of people use CTI Route Points just as a forwarding or digit transfom mechanism. I'm not sure of any Cisco App that use 6 lines on one CTI Route Point. I would take and just create multiple Route Points. If this is used by a 3rd party app, I would contact that manufacturer.

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Re: CTI route point DNs


I just revied the CTI route point and the maximum number of busy triggers is configured with 4500 and the maximum number of Calls to 5000 by default. With this config you can add up to 2 lines. If you modify this parameter (I used 100 for busy triger and 200 for max calls), it is possible to associate multiple DNs to the CTI route point

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