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New Member

CTI Route Point not keeping translation when forwarding all calls

here's my situation. I have a situation where I want a certain DID to go to a particular call handler on my Unity Voice Mail Server. I created a CTI Route Point Extension in CallManager that is setup to forward all calls to the voicemail extension.

Now here's the problem. My PSTN provider (I have a PRI with DIDs coming in) is sending 7 digits to my Gateway router that terminates the PRI. I then have a voip dial peer with a destination pattern of ....... (7 dots), and a session target of my CallManager. This, by design, sends all calls from the PSTN to my callmanager. In my Callmanager, all my extensions are 4 digits, so I'm using a translation pattern that strips off the first three numbers in the dialed number pattern, which leaves a 4 digit extension. Now, this works fine with all my IP Phones, but for this CTI Route point I created, something weird is happening. It seems that translation is happening, because the call is getting forwarded to voicemail. If the translation wasn't happening, the call wouldn't be processed, because I don't have any extensions that are 7 digits. However, when the call comes in to the Unity Server, it's back to 7 digits. Since it's back at 7 digits, the unity server doesn't match it with the correct call handler, so it sends it to the default call handler.

I know that 7 digits are being passed to the unity server because I can use a call Viewer that shows me what's coming in. This is only happening when i create this virtual extension as a CTI Route Point or CTI Port. When I assign it to an IP Phone and forward it to Voice Mail, it sends the correct amount of digits.

Any ideas? Am I doing something wrong? Is this expected behavior? Is this a known bug? I'm using CallManager 3.0(11) and Unity 3.0. Thanks in advance for any help?

Jeff Sailers

Senior Network Engineer


Cisco Employee

Re: CTI Route Point not keeping translation when forwarding all

The problem is that the voice mail box number is not changed by the CM...only the called party number is.

Is there a reason why you are using a translation pattern to change the number? You can accomplish the same thing by settting the significant digits setting on your H323 GW to 4.

This will also set the voice mail box number to 4 digits and your integration should work.


Dan Keller

Cisco Systems

New Member

Re: CTI Route Point not keeping translation when forwarding all

I'm not trying to change the mailbox number, my intention was to change the dialed number with the translation pattern. For instance, I have a DID block of 303-728-33XX, my voicmail extension is 2000. 2000 doesn't have an associated DID, so I wanted to forward all calls to 303-728-3399 to extension 2000. The translation pattern was going to strip off the 303-728 and leave the 33XX. I hear what you are saying about the sig digits. That is a new workaround that I'm using, however, for expansion purposes, I wanted to be able to have more control of the amount of digits I use for extensions on a per-DID basis. In case I get a new block of DIDs in the future that is 303-987-33XX, I could use translation patterns to only strip off the 303-98 and leave 733XX for a 5-digit extension.

So to answer your second question, for now, I am using a the sig digits function of the H.323 gateway. However, I'm trying to get to the bottom of the underlying problem of CallManager somehow losing the translation when forwarded from a CTI Route Point.

Cisco Employee

Re: CTI Route Point not keeping translation when forwarding all

I think this might be a bug. I saw a similar issue yesterday. We did not have the option of changing the sig digits. So copied the current call handler and made one with the 7 digit number that call manager was sending. I think it is bug CSCdu86461. This bug has to do with translation not occuring correctly if the device is not registered. That would explain why the phones work and the cti route point does not. The bug says it is fixed in 3.1(4) and 3.2(1).

I hope this helps,


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