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CTI Route Point on CCM


We are unable to register new CTI Route points to our CCM 4.0(2a)sr2b.

You can add the route point, assign a number to it , but it wont register.

Status is Registration Unknown.

We already have 28 exisiting and working route points.




Re: CTI Route Point on CCM

what CTI application are you associating the RoutePoint too?

if you just create a CTI route point, it will not register with CCM.

the CTI route point must be associated to an application. this is done through device association of a user that is used for the application to communicate with CCM.

for example:

a CTI route point needed for IPCC -

CTI route point - DN=25555

IPCC CTI user - pguser

pguser DeviceAssociation - add DN '25555'

in the above example, a CTI route point is created as well as associated with a CCM user named 'pguser'. the IPCC application also has the CTI route point defined in its configuration.

pguser is also configured as part of the IPCC application and is responsible for accessing CCM and registering the CTI route point.

without an 'application' to control the CTI route point, it will never register to CCM.

please see the following link for more CTI route point info:

(the first paragraphs explain how an 'application' uses CTI route points)

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Re: CTI Route Point on CCM

Hi, Thanks for your response, please see the response from our "voip" man.

We already have LN_Reception associated with pguser which isn't a prerequisite for getting a cti route point registered with CCM anyway. Also you do not associate DNs to pguser but devices so associating DNs isn't a solution.


Re: CTI Route Point on CCM

- Delete and recreate the CTI-RP.

- Do a Forward ALL to a DN and call the CTI-RP see if he forward to that DN.

- Restart your CTI Manager Service (this always fix it).


Re: CTI Route Point on CCM

when i say associate the DN with the pguser, in my example, of course i meant the 'device' that the DN is used on; a CTI route point, in my example.

also, it is a fact, you need an application controlling the CTI route point for it to become registered; you cannot just create a CTI route point, and it become registered.....

theres more too it than that as stated in the original post.


Re: CTI Route Point on CCM

If you use CTI route points for forwading puposes only there is no need for it to register, as it will just be a DN in the database. Only if you associate it with a CTI application like JTAPI trigger in IPCC it will have to be registered (and it will).

I have several CTI RPs in my cluster which do not register since they are not associated with any CTI app (e.g. CTI RP to forward to VM which I use in hunt group as last resort).


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Re: CTI Route Point on CCM

How do you get the CTI RP to be a part of a line group if it doesn't register? I need to do this, but since my RP are only forwarding DN's I can't select them to put in the line group as a last resort.

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