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CTI Route Points and JTAPI/TAPI

When monitoring a route point with JTAPI or TAPI, how do I know which physical telephone device is calling when the phone number appears on lines on more then one physical phone.

Example extension 5000 appears on 2 phones, line1 of SEP00000000001 and line3 of SEP000000000002. When either calls the route point I know its extension 5000 but how do I find out which physical phone it is coming from?

Is there something unique in the JTAPI/TAPI info that I can use to do an AXL query and get the device name?


Re: CTI Route Points and JTAPI/TAPI

you could look at the CCM trace for the call. (cisco CallManager trace)

goto the server that has the phone registered and view the CCM trace for that call.

if there is more than one CCM involved, you may have to check traces on those as well to get traces for all call legs for that call.

see the following link for viewing CCM traces:

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Re: CTI Route Points and JTAPI/TAPI

Thanks for that but I really need something real-time and fast so I can decide how to route the calls on the fly. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: CTI Route Points and JTAPI/TAPI

I'm developing a system where it can sends RTP streams through a CTI port on the CallManager to a Desktop.

The problem is that I cannot call the CTI port.

I can register it, add the observers but I can't receive any CallControlConnEv from the cti's address.

In my jtapi code, I'm trying to call from an IP Phone to that CTI port. I don't dial on the phone, it's just code.

If I add only an Observer to the cti's terminal, I can receive the CallCtlConnEv from the cti's address, but i cannot accept and answer the call because there is no CallObserver on the address (Address OUT_OF_SERVICE).

But if I put a CallOBserver on the cti's address, I cannot receive any CallCtlConnEv....just those from the IP Phone.

I'm using CallManager 4.1(3)

What is wrong with it?

Can you help me?

Thank you!!!

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