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CTI route points: Not Found.

For some reason, status for my CTI route points is showing: Not Found.

If you have any idea what may cause this, I need your help to fix it out. Thank you!

* Call Manager: v3.1

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Re: CTI route points: Not Found.

MY IVR system can't communicate with the CallManager since those route points showed the "Not Found" status. Any suggestion?

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Re: CTI route points: Not Found.

Hello Joe, it appears that the CTI route points are not registering with the Call Manager. What version of IP IVR are you using? Are the CTI route points for AutoAttendant, ICD etc?

1) Under the Application Administration configuration, make sure that the CTI route point specified corresponds to the one you specified in Call Manager and enabled.

2) Also make sure that the CTI route point DN is *distinct* (in other words, the directory number should be not be a shared line appearance with a phone etc).

3) Under the JTAPI configuration, make sure that the Call Manager IP address is specified correctly.

These are general guidelines. If you can post more specifics, I can try to guide further. Good luck!

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Re: CTI route points: Not Found.

Hi Nihal,

You are right. CTI route points fails to register with CallManager=CM. Everything was going fine until I restarted the Primary CM due to a system crash. The Secondary CM took over for a while, and that's when everything went bad. After restarting the Primary CM, all IP phones registered back to it. Then I expected the CTI route points to work at that moment, but I was wrong.

Yes. CTI route points are used for AutoAttendant. The application administraton needs a user name and password to connect to the CM, and it's already there. The DN is distinct for each CTI route point. Also, the IP of the CM is specified correctly.

The IVR application failed to connect because it had only one IP for the CM, and when this CM crashed and the secondary CM took over, the application couldn't know the secondary IP to use, and that caused the IVR to fail to run.

But later on, I specified both two IP's to the IVR and restarted the system hoping it'll work. Now CTI route points are still not found!

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