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CTIFW unable to open provider

hello there

this is the message i get, when i start the cti-manager service. it gets repeated every few seconds. i re-installed the ads-plugin (after ads-problems, see "ADS Plugin Problem") , and reset the passwords for the ctifw-user in the registry, using the "passwordutils"-program ( is this correct ?). then i changed the password of the ctifw-user on the pdc. put the error keeps coming up. the same error is written in the eventlog, of cource with a different source ip, when someone tries to connect over the TSP to the callmanger.

event details :


Error: kCtiProviderOpenFailure - CTI application failed to open provider

CTIconnectionId: 1

Login User Id: ctifw

ReasonCode: 2362179680


App ID: Cisco CTIManager


Node ID:

Explanation: Application is unable to open provider.

Recommended Action: Check the reason code and correct the problem. Restart CTIManager if problem persists..


there is absolutely no additiovnal information available.. help !!!

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Re: CTIFW unable to open provider

I believe that you need to do the ctifwpw under hkey_local_machine\software\cisco systems inc\directory configuration and providerpassword for hkey_local_machine\software\cisco systems inc\ctiframework. Then stop and start cti manager.

Let me know if this helps not sure if that is all you need to do or not,


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Re: CTIFW unable to open provider


here's what i did :


hkey_local_machine\software\cisco systems inc\directory configuration\ctifpw


hkey_local_machine\software\cisco systems inc\ctiframework

to 0c171a0f340302, which is "ctifwpw" passed through the passwordutil.exe - program.

then i changed the password for this user on the domain-controller to this password.

is that all ? the local cti-manager still keeps complaining that it cannot open the "provider", whatever that is.

i urgently need to re-activate the tapi-link to the ccm ( which is provided by cti-manager , isn't it ?)


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Re: CTIFW unable to open provider

Did you double check that your user account "CtiFW" is withing the User search space?


search space: dn=users, dc=cisco, dc=com

The CtiFW account would need to be in the "User" container

If your "User Search Space" is not the default then you would need to relocate the user account. Say that your site was using A.D. Organizational Units and you specified the following as the "User Search Space" your CtiFW account would need to be in the O.U. "Users"


search space: ou=Users, ou=CO, dc=cisco, dc=com

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Re: CTIFW unable to open provider

Check the registry of the server for every entry referring to the CtiFW account, you will find the password also in the registry. Make sure every appearence is correct and matches the current password in A.D. for the CtiFW account. You are correct in using passwordutils... make sure the encrypted password that it generates is the password you enter into the registry. Make sure you have a back-up of your registry before making the changes and the restart the necessary services after making the change.

After you have verified the password in A.D. and the registry; then check that the CtiFW account is within the User Search Space (when you ran the AD plug-in it asked you where to look for users, something like: cn=Users, dc=domain, dc=com).

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Re: CTIFW unable to open provider

If the CTIFW user is not configured or the password is incorrect, a TCP connection leak will occur.

After sometime the CCMAdmin->Global Directory and "Add a New User" page stops working. In addition, general TCP/IP connectivity issues and various other components such as RIS DC may also not function properly.

Refer to CSCdv28302 :

1 On a Cisco CallManager server, choose Start > Run and enter command to open a command prompt. Click OK.

2 Enter the command, PasswordUtils ; for example,"passwordUtils ciscocisco"

3 The previous action generates an encrypted password. Copy the password into the Windows clipboard.

4 Choose Start > Run.

5 Enter regedit into the Open field and then click OK.

6 Browse to \\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Cisco Systems, Inc.\Directory Configuration within the registry.

7 Delete the value CTIFWPW and paste the encrypted password from Step 3 into the field.

8 Restart the Cisco Telephony Call Dispatcher service by choosing Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Services. Highlight the service in the list; right click on the service and then click Restart from the drop-down list.

9 Repeat Step 1 through Step 8 for each Cisco CallManager server in the cluster.

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