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CUCM 6.0.1a Upgrade from 4.2.3 , No DMABackupInfo.inf file was found

I have been struggling with this upgrade, I have a new server to build my CUCM 6.1.2 release on to test it. I started out by Running DMA 6.1.2, which was successful. Then installing CUCM 6.0.1a on the new server and installing the upgrade 6.1.2 and the DMA import, which kept failing. TAC tells me that there is a problem when the Install of 6.0.1 & upgrading to 6.1.2 & importing a DMA 6.1.2 database. So TAC had me change the DMA to 6.0.1a, I ran it, got the 1 benign error, CSCsh38822 and it created DMABackup10-26-08#12-08.tar.

Ran the 6.0.1a install, overwite the existing install (new server) and SFTP the DMABackup10-26-08#12-08.tar file, with in a minute it fails with this msg:

"File Validation failed: No DMABackupInfo.inf file was found".

The Trace10-26-08.log file has "The results are : Backup - Successful. Validation - Successful - with warning(s)."

Am I running into an error with the 6.0.1a DMA program? The reason I am running this is we only received the 6.0.1a install disk with our upgrade package. I am wondering if I am better off by ordering the 6.1.2 install disk?


Re: CUCM 6.0.1a Upgrade from 4.2.3 , No DMABackupInfo.inf file w

Did you used the right DMA for the upgrade process?? Was the TAR file creation successful? did you received any error during the DMA process??

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Re: CUCM 6.0.1a Upgrade from 4.2.3 , No DMABackupInfo.inf file w

I had to use "FreeFTPd" SFTP server to import the DMA tar file. Recv'ed a critical error ""usr/local/cm/script/ W1 PostInstall "4.2.3"

/usr/local/cm /common/download/windows /common/log/install/capture.txt"

Exited with Errors (1)"

I had to delete “VG224 display instance-mgcp.xml” on the old PUB and re-run the DMA, also had to check for the existence of "delete*.csv" and remove them from the DMA tar, there were none in my case. The it imported the file and after a few hours, the console display this msg ""init: open(/dev/console): Input/output error:" I restarted the Install from scratch again, 6.0.1a with a DMA 6.0.1a TAR import, a couple of "estimated times" were exceeded, and when I came in the next morning, the console displayed "installation was successful".

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