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CUE 2.2 and Administration via Telephone

I have a AIm-CUE with CUE 2.2.2. AvT seems to work fine till now, the last few prompts that I record, every single time I start the recording, the CUE reboots by itself. (Has done it four consecutive times). I have about 20 different prompts in the system, not sure if its because of lack of space ? Is this a known problem?

Cisco Employee

Re: CUE 2.2 and Administration via Telephone

It shouldn't be because of disk space (of course, it shouldn't be rebooting, period). You can issue "show sysdb /sw/info/filesys" and see what the space is. You might want to try going "offline" and then doing a "database compact" command. The last issue that I remember had symptoms like that was CSCsc76727 (fixed in 2.2.2). Maybe you could post the output of that 'show sysdb' command. And let us know if the database compact fixes anything. This may be a new issue. Do any users report that the system is reporting that their mailboxes are full?

Cisco Employee

Re: CUE 2.2 and Administration via Telephone

Oh, and one other thing...make sure to grab the messages.log off the CUE module. That will help the most in trying to determine what exactly happened for it to crash.

Re: CUE 2.2 and Administration via Telephone

Here is the output of show sysdb.

cue# show sysdb /sw/info/filesys

dev/root/usage/mountPoint /

dev/root/usage/oneKblocks 995868

dev/root/usage/usedBlocks 311428

dev/root/usage/availBlocks 684440

dev/root/usage/usedPercent 31


Looks like only 31% has been used! So that looks good.

Took the module offline and did a database compact.and now it doesnt seem to reboot.

Also attached is messages.log

Thanks for your help!

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