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CUE Custom AA, what am I missing??

Just looking for some clarification on the following - attached is a script which i've been working on for a custom CUE Auto Attendant.

The way I would like this to run is, when a call comes in, I would like to just be able to dial an extension, and not have to press a number to be able to dial by extension.. Is this possible?

This is the only part I'm having trouble with, the call re-directs to the sales / engineering extensions work properly.


Re: CUE Custom AA, what am I missing??

I am not able to open the script with the editor version i have. What version editor are you using ?

Here are some brief steps that may help understand the logic.

1. Use the GetDigitString() step and set the number of input digits to 3 or 4 (or how many ever digits you have for your internal extensions).

2. Store the digits that are collected in a String variable

3 Use a CallRedirect step to redirect to the extension stored in the string variable.



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Re: CUE Custom AA, what am I missing??

Here is a link that will show you how.

Just look at the dial by extention portion. The keys are to use the command set prefixDigit and set it to the first number of the extentions that you use and then use the that second set command. You can use the sample dial by extention download and just add those in. There is link to the sample downloads on this page.


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