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CUE Message Announcing

I have two new sites running CUE 2.1.3 British English that both seem to incorrectly determine whether messages were left today or not. The date and timestamps are correct but if messages are left late afternoon (eg. 15:30) and then listened to early the next morning (e.g 8:30), the message is still announced as being from "Today"? I haven't determined exactly when it corrects itself but after 19 hrs the message is then announced correctly with the previous days date and time? I am trying to determine the time frames more accurately but I thought I would see if anyone had seen this before.



Re: CUE Message Announcing

Message delivery may fail if Networking is disabled on a sending system before delivering a scheduled message to a remote network location.Again when re-enabled the message may be delivered.Refer the following URL for more info

Cisco Employee

Re: CUE Message Announcing

If these are just messages left locally (i.e. someone calls in, forwards to voicemail and they leave the message), then CUE will stamp it with the local time when the message was left. This might be something that would be best looked at by the TAC. Basically, what we need to find out first of all is to see what CUE is using as its NTP server and what its configured time zone is. Next, the voicemail traces would help to determine when a message was left and what timestamp it got. If you can reproduce the problem in any way, this won't be too bad. But I have never seen CUE incorrectly determine the time because of some defect. Naturally, there are special circumstances where you can specify future delivery or with networked messages where other things can happen.

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