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CUE Message Notification By Phone


We're about to buy CUE with CCME and I've been reading the documentation and it says this concerning message notification by phone:

If the subscriber does not answer the call after the configured number of seconds, or if the device is busy, the system disconnects the call and does not retry calling the subscriber.

Is it possible to have unity express retry the subscriber over and over until the message is cleared? This is extremely important to us for the IT department and the emergency vm queue.



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Re: CUE Message Notification By Phone

I'm having the same issue exactly...someone with some insight?

I have tried looking for a command-line to retry but it doesnt seem to exist...




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Re: CUE Message Notification By Phone

Hi Stephan/Jason,

Unfortunately,as far as I know, this is a fact.If you come from another environment (like Octel) you know that there are two additional parameters available for Message notification;

Number of re-tries

Minutes between re-tries

These are not available with any current release on CUE. The only way to mitigate this is to set up mesage notification to as many devices as possible. So if a message is left for a critical group , mesage notification will be sent to perhaps a Cell phone,numeric pager (never busy or no-answer),office phone etc. The other thing to do is to set the Connection Timeout to the maximum (96 seconds);

Connection timeout This variable specifies the number of seconds a notification call will attempt to connect before the system disconnects the call and treats the call as failed. This option is available only to phone devices and numeric pagers. The range of values is 12 seconds to 96 seconds. The default value is 48 seconds.

From this CUE 2.3.1 doc;

Sorry about that :( , maybe you can check with your SE to see if this funtionality is on the CUE roadmap.

Hope this helps!


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